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Tryouts (Baseball Youth)


Tryouts have already occurred for Baseball and Softball Draft (Green, Blue, Majors, BB MajorsPlus - 2nd-7th grades) and Baseball Seniors (8th-10th).  If you register and we still have room, you will be selected to a team in the drafts March 9 and 10 (BB/SB Drafts) or March 16 (BB Seniors) and notified soon after that, otherwise you will be put on our waitlist.  Note that players registering for BB/SB Draft who did not tryout are not eligible to be selected as an All-Star or (for Baseball) to pitch this season unless there is an acceptable reason why they did not tryout.

Who must try out for Baseball Draft?

All 2nd through 7th graders who have signed up for Baseball Draft must attend the Baseball Draft tryouts. There is no exemption for coaches' children; they must try out. Any player who does not try out and has not received a waiver from the Registrar (i) will not be eligible to pitch in any game in any division, (ii) may not be eligible to be selected for an All-Star game in their division, and (iii) is not assured of a roster spot in any division.

2nd graders who have signed up for Baseball or Softball Gold and who played Gold or similar experience last year may sign-up to attend the Baseball Draft tryouts if they wish to be considered to be selected in Baseball Green. If they don't try out, or do but are not selected, they'll be placed in the Gold division they signed up for.

Which session do we attend?

All Baseball Draft players must attend ONE tryout session.  Players should attend a Baseball Draft session designated for their grade if possible. If players have a conflict, they can attend any other Baseball Draft session, but should pick a session closest to their grade to be seen by the most coaches likely to select them. Coaches' children in certain divisions may be asked to attend a specific session and/or time so that they can all be assessed at one time. Our Division Commissioners will convey this to their Division’s coaches if they choose this option.

See our general Tryouts page for more tryouts information