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Spring Rec


Our Spring Rec program, one of the largest in the country, offers fun and engaging play for players from age 4 (Pre-K) up to high school.  Our players play T-Ball in their early years, progress to instructional baseball/softball around 1st grade, and have the opportunity to start playing competitively in 2nd/3rd grade.  Our focus is on fun, activity, instruction, good attitudes, and life experiences - competition in our older divisions is just a path to instilling these attributes.

All players who timely register are guaranteed to be on a team; we hold tryouts for our competitive divisions in order to balance the teams competitively and place players in divisions appropriate to their skill level, but there are no "cuts".  And all teams in our competitive divisions make the end-of-season playoffs regardless of their regular season record.

Our season typically starts in early April and runs to mid-late June.  Schedules vary by division and team - our younger non-competitive divisions and our oldest Seniors divisions generally play on weekends only, while our competitive divisions for 2nd/3rd-7th graders play both weekdays and weekends.  Because we have a lot of teams and fields are limited, most of our teams play at different days/times each week.

See our Spring Rec pages for more information:

Registration - Eligibility, fees, registration deadlines, how to register

Season Calendar - Key dates for this year's Spring season

Division Descriptions - Full information on all our Divisions - eligible ages/grades, type of play, scheduling info

Tryouts - Information about tryouts for our competitive divisions (2nd/3rd-10th grades for Baseball; 3rd-7th grades for Softball)

FAQs - Answers to commonly asked questions about our Spring Rec program.

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