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Every baseball and softball game has three teams on the field. The home team, the away team, and the umpire team. Becoming an LMLL umpire is a great way to be part of the game of baseball/softball, while making money, staying active, and helping teach the rules of the game along with fairness and sportsmanship to the youth of our community.

LMLL is looking for umpires from 9th grade and up (to any age - ADULTS are highly encouraged), to join our league and officiate Little League baseball/softball games that fit with YOUR schedule.  Rookie umpires can make up to $40 per game, and senior umpires up to $85  for our most advanced level games. Umpiring is a great chance to work for our teenage and youth umpires, and a great way for adults to continue stewardship of the game and keep in shape while being part of the community and making supplemental income.

Being a successful umpire requires:

  • Knowledge of Baseball/Softball rule book and our local rules
  • Understanding of on field positioning and mechanics
  • Excellent timing and judgement
  • Great game management and handling situations

And here’s the great news – WE WILL TEACH YOU ALL THOSE ASPECTS OF UMPIRING, and help you grow and develop each step of the way. 

There will be an intensive training schedule leading into the 2023 season to prepare our umpires to be ready to say “Play Ball” on Opening Day. The LMLL umpire training course is held over consecutive Thursday nights for 4  weeks for rules training, on field clinic for positioning and mechanics, and a break down of rules by division and for baseball vs. softball. The training program will be run by our Head of Umpires and VP/Baseball Jon Brown, a former professional baseball umpire.

Cumulatively, the training course takes 12 hours. It is encouraged that all umpires take part in all 12 hours of the training course, and it is REQUIRED for all first- and second-year umpires.  In addition, anyone who completes all 12 hours of training will receive an additional $5 PER GAME on your pay (so if your game fee is $40 per game, but you completed the training in full, you will receive $45 per game.)

There is also an open book rules test that must be passed with at least a 75% score in order to be assigned games.

LMLL provides plate gear for those that don’t have it, as well as an umpire t-shirt and hat. All umpires are required to have and wear long pants during games (preferably grey or black); no shorts are to be worn on the field. Understand that while umpiring baseball and softball is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money, it is an important responsibility! LMLL will only schedule umpires who it determines are properly trained, prepared and responsible.  Professionalism and demeanor are key aspects of holding a position on the LMLL Umpire Roster.


See our Volunteer Registration page for details on how to register to umpire, including what SE account to use. 

After reviewing the details on the Volunteer Registration page, click here to REGISTER AS AN UMPIRE.

NOTE THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS SUNDAY, FEB 19, 2023.  Umpires registering after that date may not be able to complete the training, which could result in their not being qualified to umpire in 2023 and/or receive the $5/game fee bump.

After registration, you will be contacted by our Umpire Coordinator. It is important to note that your registration is an application, and that all decisions regarding umpire selection and division assignment are made by LMLL.  It is also important to note that because of our need for softball umpires, we may require all baseball umpires to also be prepared to work softball.

For any questions about the umpire registration process or umpire responsibilities, please contact the Umpire Coordinator at