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All our sponsor opportunities are filled for 2024, thank you!  If you are interested in sponsoring in Spring 2025, please contact our Sponsors Coordinator  at


The LMLL Board wishes to thank our sponsors for your continued support. Your contribution subsidizes the cost of your team and enables us to improve our facilities with annual maintenance and capital projects like the expansion of Lorenzen Park a few years ago.


Teams are named after their sponsors, so sponsors will have their names printed on the team jerseys and shown in the LMLL and team websites.  Sponsors' names will also be listed on our website sponsor page (with a link to the sponsor's website if desired) and in our All-Star Games programs on Memorial Day. Sponsors also receive a commemorative plaque with a picture of the team they sponsor.

If you have children who will be playing this Spring, and/or you/your spouse will be coaching this Spring, you can sponsor their team!  When you complete your sponsor registration (see below), you will have the opportunity to specify your children and/or coaching status.  If you have multiple children who will be playing for different divisions/teams, and want to sponsor them all, you will need to complete multiple sponsor registrations, one for each team you want to sponsor.  (You can also sponsor (an)other child(ren) and/or coach to sponsor if you don't have children of your own participating, but all children you specify for a team must live in the same household, and if you specify both children and a coach they must be related.)


When you register to sponsor a team, you will be asked to select the desired Level (see below) and the desired Program (Baseball - primarily boys; Softball - only girls; or Co-Ed - only at the T-Ball and T-Ball Minors divisions; or you can pick Any if you don't have a Program preference).  If you want to sponsor a team you are coaching, we will make sure it is assigned to the correct Division.

Sponsor Level (Divisions) Fee

NON-COMP LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes:

  • T-Ball Minors (co-ed grades PreK-K)
  • T-Ball (co-ed grades K-1)
  • Baseball/Softball Gold (grades 1-2)

 COMP YOUTH LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes

  • Softball Green (grades 2-4)
  • Softball Blue (grades 3-5)
  • Softball Majors (grades 5-7)
  • Baseball Green (grades 2-4)
  • Baseball Blue (grades 3-5)
  • Baseball Majors (grades 4-6)
  • Baseball MajorsPlus (grades 6-7) 


SENIORS LEVEL (Spring Rec) includes

  • Baseball/Softball Seniors (grades 8-10/11)



See our Divisions Descriptions page for more information on our Spring Rec Divisions.

Click HERE to register to sponsor a team.  You will need to have or create a SportsEngine account.  If you would like to sponsor more than one team, you will need to complete a separate registration for each one.

Questions?  Contact our Sponsors Coordinators at