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Travel Programs

LMLL fields championship-winning competitive Travel teams in both Baseball and Softball for ages ranging from 8 to 18. 

Travel is more competitive and intense than Spring Rec, and requires a higher level of dedication.  However, as LMLL is committed to serving the youth community broadly and encouraging as many children as possible to have fun, develop athletically, and learn life lessons and a love for the game, Spring Rec takes priority: all Travel players (up to a certain age) are required to also participate in the Spring Rec program, and our Spring Travel programs are designed so that players can participate in both Travel and Rec with a minimum of conflicts. 

Unlike Spring Rec, selection for participation in the Travel program is based on players' skill and experience; not all players who try out will be selected for a team.  LMLL Travel teams compete against other travel teams in the region, and sometimes travel to weekend or other multi-day tournaments.  Our Travel programs field teams for most age groups in Spring, Summer and Fall, and also offer Winter Workout programs for Travel players at some levels. 

Travel programs hold open tryouts for all eligible players at least annually; information about any upcoming tryouts will be sent to all recent LMLL players and posted on the LMLL website.

For more information about our specific Travel programs, see the links below.