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Thank you for your interest in coaching this year!  Volunteer coaches are the most important part of Little League, and all our players benefit from our dedicated and committed coaches.   The vast majority of our coaches are parents coaching teams their children are on, but that doesn't make them any less devoted to the development and success of all the players on the team!


Coaches are at the heart of any Little League. With coaching comes responsibilities: to your players, your fellow coaches, to parents and to the League. Below is a list of your some of your more important responsibilities. Failure to follow any of them will result in your being subject to discipline by LMLL.  Please take them seriously, as we do.

1.  Exercise proper behavior towards players, parents, umpires, coaches and League officials.

2.  Consider good sportsmanship and the safety of your players above all else.

3.  Conduct a reasonable number of practices before the season starts and throughout the season.

4.  Read, understand and strictly follow the rules applicable to your Division. (See the Spring Rec Rules page)

5.  Read the Little League International Playing Rules applicable to your Division.

6.  Educate yourself on how to coach baseball/softball/T-Ball and teach proper skills.

7.  Attend ALL mandatory coaching events.

8.  Report all game scores as directed by LMLL (Green Division and higher).

9.  Return all equipment at the end of the season as directed by LMLL

10.  Submit all player ratings at the end of the season as directed by LMLL (Spring Rec - Gold Division and higher).

11.  Remember that the game is for the players.

12.. Comply with all stated policies and procedures of LMLL, including of any league in which your LMLL team participates, and customary terms and conditions for participation in LMLL programs, including all safety guidelines.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Larchmont Village Ambulance Corps Injury Treatment Guidelines outlined in the document below.


See our Volunteer Registration page for details on how to register to coach, including what SE account to use. 

SPRING REC COACHES:  After reviewing the details on the Volunteer Registration page, click here to REGISTER AS A SPRING REC COACH.  (Note: if you want to coach more than one team, you need to complete a separate registration for each team you want to coach).

TRAVEL COACHES/MANAGERS:  After reviewing the details on the Volunteer Registration page, click on the link sent to you or posted separately to register for Travel.  DO NOT use the Spring Rec coach registration link above.

Co-Coaching Requests (Spring Rec).  The League attempts to honor requests to coach together (especially where applicants have coached together in prior seasons), subject to division-specific limitations on the number of coaches per team. However, the League Board retains the right to deny a coaching application or a requested coach grouping for any reason, including competitive balance, prior coach conduct, and the need to balance the development of new coaches against the desire to maintain a high level of experienced coaches.

Please ensure that coaching partners you are requesting register to coach with you. Contact your intended partners and urge them to complete the application during the registration period. Only coaches who have submitted an application will be considered for a coaching position.

Thanks for signing up, and have a fun season!

Important DatesBelow are key dates applicable specifically to Spring Rec coaches.  However, most of the LMLL Spring Rec calendar is relevant to coaches in our Spring Rec divisions, for example all of the Tryout dates.  Please see the full LMLL Spring Rec Season Calendar for all dates, times, locations and other info.  (Note that coaches' children in each Division may be required to attend a specific tryouts session other than for their specific grade for Division Commissioner evaluation.)