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Tryouts (Spring Rec)


(BB/SB DRAFT DIVISIONS (2nd-7th grades)  For players who register for Baseball or Softball Draft (Green, Blue, Majors, BB MajorsPlus), tryouts have already occurred.  If we still have room, you will be selected to a team in the drafts March 9 and 10 and notified soon after that, otherwise you will be put on our waitlist.  Note that players registering for BB/SB Draft who did not tryout are not eligible to be selected as an All-Star or (for Baseball) to pitch this season unless there is an acceptable reason why they did not tryout.)

This year we will once again be conducting tryouts by advance scheduling only - you must schedule your player’s tryout in advance for our BB & SB Draft (Green, Blue, Majors, BB MajorsPlus - 2nd-7th grades) and our BB Seniors (8th-10th grades) divisions.  NO WALK-INS WILL BE PERMITTED

You must register your player first for Spring Rec.  When you register, you will receive an email confirmation that will contain all the information you need to schedule the tryout. (No tryouts are required for SB Seniors or for any of our T-Ball or Gold divisions.)

Tryouts are required for (click for more info)

There are no tryouts for:

  • T-Ball Minors
  • T-Ball
  • Baseball/Softball Gold
  • Softball Seniors

Why do we have tryouts?

Tryouts are an international Little League requirement. They allow the coaches who are selecting players for teams to observe their skills so that through the draft, competition is balanced and players are in appropriate divisions to the greatest possible degree.  There are no "cuts;" all players who timely registered will make a Spring Rec team. Tryouts are only so that players are selected to teams and divisions most appropriate for them.

Which Division is my child eligible to be drafted into?

In Baseball and Softball Draft, players are eligible to be drafted into Divisions according to their grade in school. Check out the charts on our Division Descriptions page to see which grades are eligible for which Divisions.  Tryouts are ONLY to determine placement & team; all players who timely registered and tryout will be selected to a Spring Rec team.  (Players who register after the late fee deadline may be wait-listed depending on numbers.)  Players will be selected to a team in a division best suited to their grade and skill, which may be in the Baseball or Softball Gold Division in the case of some 2nd graders.  Note that BB/SB Draft and BB Seniors teams are selected by coach draft only; requests to be placed with certain other players or coaches cannot be honored in the draft (but will be considered for 2nd graders who are selected for Baseball or Softball Gold).

Will there be sign-up/scheduling for tryouts again this year?

We expect to once again have a self-scheduling system in which all players will be required to sign up for a specific 15-minute tryout session.  We will notify all registered players of the need to sign up when the scheduling system opens, typically a few weeks before tryouts.

How long does it take?

Players must arrive to check-in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time, and can leave once their tryout is complete. The tryout itself is very simple – a few swings, a few catches, a few throws – and only takes a few minutes.

Parents should note that this is not a drop-off activity. We are not able to provide supervision, so parents must either stay to keep an eye on their kids or make arrangements with others to do so.  However, other than coaches, in Baseball and Softball Draft tryouts parents are not permitted in the tryout area or to watch tryouts; once your child is called to tryout, you must wait for them to exit back to the waiting area.

What equipment is required?

Players must wear sneakers and bring a baseball or softball glove. Batting helmets, bats and balls are provided, but players are permitted to bring their own batting helmets and bats if they like.  Only soft balls (like tennis balls) are allowed to be used for warm-ups/practice (bring your own), and NO batting/swinging is permitted, while waiting to try out - do not bring hard balls.

What if my child is injured or ill?

Children who are injured or ill must still come to a scheduled tryout session if they are able to travel and not contagious; they will not be required to tryout if unable, but still must appear and be announced.  If your child is unable to attend all of the tryout sessions due to injury or illness, you must contact us at before tryouts have ended to make alternate arrangements.

When will we find out what team my child is on?

The Baseball and Softball Drafts will be held Sat-Sun March 9-10, while the Baseball Seniors draft will be held Thu March 14.  In each case you will be contacted within a few days after.