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Competitive Divisions Opening Day NOW SAT MARCH 25!!!

By LMLL, 02/24/23, 8:30PM EST


BB Green/SB Blue Divisions (2d/3d grade) and Higher

Due to an extremely mild winter, we have recently been able to get permits for key fields much earlier than normal this year, and so we are excited to announce that Opening Day for all our Competitive Divisions will now be Saturday, March 25!   All players BB Green/SB Blue (2nd/3rd grade) and higher (including BB Seniors) should expect to play at least one game that weekend, and many (other than Seniors) will play during the week before vacation as well (no league games scheduled during vacation, though many teams will schedule practices and scrimmages if they have coaches and enough players around). 
This is especially good news because the way the school calendar worked out this year, starting after vacation on April 10 as previously planned would have been a shorter regular season than normal for LMLL.   With this earlier start, our players will get more playing time typical of a normal regular season.  (Non-Competitive - T-Ball Minors, T-Ball, and BB/SB Gold - will still start on Sat, April 15 as planned, resulting in a typical 10-weekend season for them.)
Starting earlier than planned, only two weeks after the drafts versus the typical three or four, will present some challenges, including rescheduling planned coach training and meetings into a shorter timeframe (we're working on it!), and getting the schedules ready in time (likely not until about a week or so before Opening Day).  And of course if the weather doesn't cooperate (March blizzard?) things may change again.  We ask everyone to please be as flexible and patient as possible as we work to optimize this year's Spring Rec experience for our players!