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Order by Sun, 6/19!

UpdatedWednesday June 15, 2022 byLMLL Registrar.

*** 6/14 UPDATE ***

Ordering deadline coming up soon!  All orders need to be placed by Sunday, June 19; after that, LMLL will not receive any credit for orders to help defray future operating expenses.  See below for full info on locating and ordering your photos.


The photos of all Spring Rec teams (except BB/SB Seniors, which didn’t have photo sessions) are up and ready to order!  Our photo vendor Lifetouch Sports has transitioned to a new photo experience called Photo Day, which we have been advised is much easier than the system from years past, and has been very well received by other leagues, groups, etc.

What do parents and coaches need to know?

  • A 5x7 print of the team photo will be provided for free to each player in it – these will be delivered to the coach for distribution (no change from prior years). You don’t need to go online or order anything to receive the 5x7 team photo.
  •  If your child participated in the individual photo session and/or if you want additional copies of the team photo, you can order any items or packages you would like to buy through the Photo Day system. Any orders will be sent directly to you within about two weeks of your order. The process is described in further detail below.

How does the Photo Day system work?

  • The photos can be accessed online via: and entering the LMLL access code for this year: LTS008, or by texting the access code LTS008 to phone number 90738 on your phone
  • The system will utilize FaceFind technology to locate your photos – you will need to upload an image of your child and the system will filter and deliver all photos showing that child, both individual (if any) and team
    • If using your phone to access you can also take a picture to upload for FaceFind right within the PhotoDay system. This will appear as an option after you click “Upload Photo”
    • For best results, use a good quality/high resolution picture which primarily shows your child’s face and doesn’t have any other faces in it
    • You can only search for pictures for one player at a time.  If you have multiple players in your family, you can either search for and order photos for them one at a time, or you can search for the first one, “favorite” (heart sign) the pics you like, do the same for the others, then go to your Favorites (top left) and place all your orders at one time
    • NOTE: If you have any issues with the FaceFind system, contact Lifetouch Sports customer support at
  • You can then select favorite images and click on the shopping bag icon or Buy button.
  • This will open a storefront where you can select packages, individual items, further edit photos, etc.
  • During this process all editing steps must be completed before the system will allow you to Add to Cart - click Confirm when you are done with each step to be taken to the next step. 
    • If you are stuck and the Add to Cart button still isn’t working, check the list on left - any item that doesn’t have a check mark next to it still needs to be completed
  • Some items require you to enter information like Division, Group and Name (see below for a list of Division names; for Group, you should put the team name; Name is player name)
  • Once you have everything in your cart you would like to order you can proceed to checkout
  • Products will be delivered directly to your home and each order can be individually tracked
  • There is a helpful video describing the overall process here: .

How long do I have to order?

  • You can order as soon as you want, and get your pictures quickly!
  • All orders should be placed by Sunday, June 19

Other Helpful information:

  • Some of the products you will order will ask for division names for your player - below is a conversion of the division abbreviations (as seen on the app) and the full name to use in your pictures::
    • TBM - T-Ball Minors
    • TBL - T-Ball
    • BGD - Baseball Gold
    • BGR - Baseball Green
    • BBL - Baseball Blue
    • BMJ - Baseball Majors
    • BMP - Baseball MajorsPlus
    • SGD - Softball Gold
    • SBL - Softball Blue
    • SMJ - Softball Majors


  • For questions/problems using the Photo Day system, including FaceFind, or ordering photos/products, contact Lifetouch Sports customer support at
  • For questions relating to LMLL, including the free 5x7 team photo, or if you have problems that cannot be resolved after contacting Lifetouch Sports customer support (please give them a few days to respond to you), contact