Updated Monday October 8, 2018 by LMLL Registrar.

We had a very successful first Spring Rec season at Lorenzen!  Three separate, premier ballfields were in use at various times by our LMLL youth competitive divisions (Green through Majors) – plus a concession stand which was in operation during all games!  Click here for more information on the new Lorenzen facility.

That’s a lot of baseball & softball in one space, and even though the parking lot is also newly paved and re-configured, parking remains limited and traffic is busy at times in our Summer & Fall Travel seasons as well.  We ask that all our LMLL families respect the following guidelines to make this an enjoyable and safe space for everyone, including our neighbors and businesses in the area:

  1. Reduce car usage to Lorenzen.   Car pool with nearby families; use one car per family instead of two; bike or walk if you live close enough.
  1. Arrive no more than 30 minutes before game time.  We have spaced the weekend game schedule out to try to reduce overlap, but it only works if people don’t come too early (and games don’t go too late!).
  1. Drive slowly and obey all traffic markings.  There will be kids (and adults) biking and walking in and out on the street and in the lot, and lots of traffic at times.   Take a few extra seconds to drive safely and considerately.
  1. Utilize the designated drop-off/pick-up area properly.  Pull into the area as far as you can (don’t just stop in the middle), and use it only for dropping off, or picking up waiting players.  If anyone sits there waiting, it will back up everyone behind and cause gridlock in the lot.  If your players aren’t ready for pick-up, circle around and come back again.
  1. Park within the marked spaces only.  The spaces are not overly generous but should fit most cars and SUVs.  If someone parks on or over a line, it will kill a space for someone else.
  1. If you can’t find a space in the lot, park in a legal street space.  The best bet is on Boston Post Road, which is a very short walk in.  Do not park in the nearby parking lots – these are all private property of the commercial establishments.  And note that Deane Place (the street which connects to the Lorenzen access street) is one-way and may not be entered from Lorenzen – not even if you are driving in reverse (which is also far more dangerous)!
  1. Leave promptly when you’re ready.  Feel free to stick around to watch the next game or talk to a new (or old) friend, but when you’re ready to leave, please do so promptly to open up spaces for the following game.
  1. ENJOY!  This is a great new facility, and we’re sure everyone will enjoy it.  The more courteous, considerate and respectful we can all be, the better the experience will be for everyone!