Must-Read Rules Changes Regarding Baseball Bats for 2018

Updated Wednesday November 22, 2017 by LMLL.

New Little League International rules mandate that beginning in 2018 all non-wood baseball bats used in Little League youth games and activities must contain the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets USA Baseball's Youth Bat Performance Standard.
Bats meeting the new performance standard were not sold prior to September 1, 2017. This means no bats used in prior seasons will be acceptable for use in any Little League baseball game or activity -- even if they contain the words "Little League Approved."
There is an exception for t-ball bats (26" and shorter) that were manufactured prior to the implementation of the new USABat standards, but they must contain approved stickers marked with the USA Baseball logo and language that reads "Only for Use with Approved Tee Balls." Stickers and approved tee balls will be provided as part of our T-ball program. 
The new bat standard applies to all LMLL Baseball divisions from Gold through Majors+. Kids in these divisions will not be permitted to use bats -- in games or practices -- that do not comply with the new rules. Please keep this in mind when buying bats for the upcoming season.
The new bat standard does not apply to:
  • Solid one-piece wood barrel bats, which do not require a USA Baseball logo
  • LMLL Baseball Senior League, which will continue to use the BBCOR bat standard
  • Any division of LMLL Softball