Updated Tuesday May 30, 2017 by LMLL.

We encourage all coaches to get acquainted with the LMLL Rules, many of which are unique to a particular division of competition.

You can access many of the rules in the menu of links below. Others you will find attached as PDFs at the bottom of this page.

T-Ball Rules

Baseball Gold Rules

Baseball Local Rules (click PDF below)

Baseball Green/Blue/Majors Playoff Rules (click PDF below)

Baseball MajorsPlus Playoff Rules (click PDF below)

Baseball Seniors WSSSB League Rules (click PDF below)

Softball Gold Rules

Softball Green Local Rules

Softball Blue Local Rules

Softball Majors Local Rules (click PDF below)

Softball Green/Blue/Majors Playoff Rules

Softball Seniors Local Rules

Baseball Pitch Count Form

Return to Play Parent Acknowledgement Form

General Safety Policy and Rules (click PDF below)

BB MP Playoff Rules 2017.doc
BB Playoff Rules 2017 Green-Blue-Majors.doc
LMLL BB Rules 2017.doc
LMLL General Safety Policy and Rules - SCOREBOOK VERSION.pdf
LMLL Softball Majors Division Local Rules.pdf