TeamWeb Tip: Changing Contact Information

Updated Monday April 9, 2018 by LMLL Admin.

You can change your contact information and choose what is shared with your team on Team Website!

Just log into your LMLL account, go to Account Settings on the right, click on one of the Adults, go to Edit on the right, and add or remove phone numbers and emails. 

For each phone number and email, you can choose to Share with My Team, or uncheck so only LMLL administrators have access to it (note contact information is NOT made available to the public, and only abbreviated roster names are shown publicly). 

Please make sure to have at least one primary email and one primary phone number for each Adult. 

Remember to click Save, and then repeat for each other Adult on the account.

Players can have their own email and cell phone listed, and can use the email to log into their Team Websites.

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